Moon rise time on karwa chauth

What Is Moon Rise Time Today In Delhi, Mumbai – Karwa Chauth Moon Rise Timing

What Is Moon Rise Time Today In Delhi, Mumbai, Especially for women, this is the biggest question and excitement today that when will moon rise and what is the moon rise time today? Because as per karwa chauth rules women who took fast for their husband doesn’t take a single bite or a single drop or water. After rendering water to the moon wifes have a ship of water from her husband’s hand. It has a whole story about it. You all knows that why women takes fast karwa chauth fast? It is not all about to just take fast as usual you use to take on krishna janmashtami or shivratri. It is the most famous fast which is specially celebrated on north india.

What Is Moon Rise Time Today In Delhi, Mumbai

What is moon rise time on 19th Oct 2016 on the day of karwa chauth. Maharashtra and new delhi moon rise time is 20.47. Did you read this ? 20.47 mean at 8.47 PM. It would be eiler for men but it is gonna be too late for the women who are taking fast for her husband.

In the various city karwa chauth 2016 chandrodaya or moon rise time will be different but we have also mentioned above what is the exact timing of moon rising in the delhi.

karwa chauth vrat moon rise time

Delhi is the capital of indian and mostly karwa chauth celebrated in the north indian. So that it This time it will help you to know what is the exact time of moon rise.

Average time of all over india is 8:52 PM.  Today’s fast is for husband’s long life and you can’t break the fast before moon rises. All that women who are having fast of karwa chauth they all have to wait for 9:00 PM to break their fast. In the various city moon rise time is different. Keep in touch with us to know what is exact time.

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