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Qandeel Baloch Murder News – Latest News From Multan

Qandeel Baloch Murder News – Latest News From Multan, latest news from Pakistan qandeel baloch murder news. Who killed qandeel baloch?

Qandeel Baloch recently populated through the social media and an entertainment icon for the youth, Qandeel Baloch was pakistani model and she was famous for her vulgarity. On 16th July 2016 Qandeel Baloch was killed by her brother : Police. This is not we saying this news is coming from pakistan that she was killed by her brother. Many times she had complaint about the warning giving by someone but it was not clear he is her brother or other one.

qandeel baloch murder news

Qandeel Baloch death news. is this true or rumor that Qandeel baloch has bee killed by her brother.

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